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‘Felicity Carrol and the Perilous Pursuit’ ebook sale continues


The $1.99 ebook sale of FELICITY CARROL AND THE PERILOUS PURSUIT continues until Oct. 31.

Enjoy this sample

Surrey, England


“Everyone, please take shelter behind the hedges,” Felicity Carrol announced.

Her homemade bomb was about to explode.

            The dozen servants obeyed without hesitation. It was nearly ten at night, and they had already rescued what furniture and art they could from the east wing before Felicity told them to leave the rest to the flames. With help, she had first rescued the chemicals and scientific equipment from her laboratory, which was the source of the fire currently consuming the house.

When Felicity determined that the blaze could not be contained and would spread, she came up with a plan to save the rest of Carrol Manor. In the kitchen, she combined the perfect amounts of glycerin with nitric and sulfuric acids. She added torn paper and porridge oats to absorb the unstable mixture. With cautious movements, she packed the volatile paste into an Italian ceramic urn she had always disliked. As she did so, she reviewed the formula in her mind. Many times, pride in her knowledge and abilities suppressed any doubt about her experiments. She loathed that aspect of her personality—taking pleasure in what she could accomplish. For instance, she would bet no other young woman in England, well, in all of Surrey anyway, was capable of constructing a bomb in their kitchen. Despite the delicate work, Felicity wanted to laugh. Besides herself, what young woman would even want to pack an urn with dynamite?


An English lord is murdered at the British Museum. Scotland Yard believes he was killed by a robber who stole a priceless antiquity. Felicity Carrol launches her own investigation because the victim was her mentor and friend. Felicity is educated, wealthy and has no interest in playing the role of a proper young woman in Victorian Britain. Using scientific methods, deductions, and grit, her enquiry reveals that fate of the country may be in danger if she fails. “Readers who hunger for more portraits of independent women determined to make their ways in a stultifying society will take the heroine to heart.”—Kirkus Reviews

Felicity Carrol mystery ebook on sale at a criminally good price


The ebook of my Victorian mystery, FELICITY CARROL AND THE PERILOUS PURSUIT is on sale for $1.99 until Oct. 4 at and

Felicity Carrol is interested in everything—except being a proper young matron of Victorian society. Brilliant and resourceful, Felicity took refuge in science and education after her mother died and her father abandoned her to servants. Now, all he wants is for her to marry into a family of status and money.

Felicity has other ambitions—but her plans shudder to a halt when her mentor is murdered at the British Museum and his priceless manuscript of King Arthur lore is stolen. Tapping into her photographic memory and the latest in the burgeoning field of forensic detection, Felicity launches an investigation. Handsome Scotland Yard Inspector Jackson Davies is also on the case, and finds Felicity as meddlesome as she is intelligent. But when more nobles are murdered and their King Arthur relics stolen, Felicity must journey on her own into the dark underworld of antiquity theft, where she uncovers a motive far more nefarious than simple profit.

“[Felicity] is a combination of Sherlock Holmes and Indiana Jones…Recommended to those looking for a female superhero out to right wrongs and defy convention to do so.”—Historical Novels Review

FELICITY CARROL AND THE PERILOUS PURSUIT is the first in the Felicity Carrol series. The second book FELICITY CARROL AND THE MURDEROUS MENACE is also available on ebook, hardcover and audio.…/felicity…/1129597729…

When my grandkids discovered The Beatles


Magic and love.

That’s what I felt when I discovered The Beatles.

Their music. Their cuteness and strange accents. Their kind of smart-ass sense of humor which scarily reflected mine. I’ve been a fan ever since. I play their music always and have collected their albums. I’ve even seen the Las Vegas Cirque du Soleil Beatle show–twice. I possess a genuine Yellow Submarine lunch box and action figures of The Beatles from their TV cartoon series. I’ve also requested of my children that I want “In my Life” played at my funeral.

The Beatles have played a part of my life. I know it sounds cliché as hell but it’s the truth.

Listening to the music with my best friend. Growing up with Liz, John, Paul, George and Ringo.

Trying to win a contest identifying every figure on the Sgt. Peppers’ album cover.

I didn’t win.

Seeing George Harrison in Concert. Writing an editorial about John Lennon for my college newspaper.

When one of our daughters learned the words to “The One after 909” and sang it with me when I was vacuuming.

One of my saddest memories was the day John was shot. My parents, who weren’t a fan, called me when he died. They knew I had lost what amounted to a good friend.

Years pass.

I recently bought the “Yellow Submarine” DVD. The movie had been released in 1968. I already had a copy of The Beatles’ movies “A Hard Day’s Night” and “Help,” not to mention a DVD of their first appearance on the ancient Ed Sullivan TV show. But I was so happy with my latest acquisition.

“Yellow Submarine” is a joy.

For those who don’t know, it’s a full length animated story of the group traveling via yellow submarine to save Pepperland from the dastardly Blue Meanies that sucked out all the color from the colorful place. Worse, they hate music. The Meanies are fluffy blue things with black boots and strange flowing ears. They reminded me of warped Mickey Mouses. The Blue Meanie cohorts included a flying glove with an attitude and tall slender men who dropped apples on people’s heads.

On their way to Pepperland, the Beatles enter strange worlds and encounter weird creatures including Jeremy, who’s smart and lonely. The intrepid group voyages through time and in and out of holes.

The Beatles do save the day with determination and MUSIC!

The movie is all very fun and colorful.

My six and four year old granddaughters love cartoons as most kids do. They saw the DVD cover and wanted to see this “cartoon.”

I thought the movie might be too grown up for them but they loved it!

In fact, they’ve watched the movie several times and already know the words to several songs. One grandkid particularly loves “All you Need is Love.” Her favorite Beatle is John, also my fav.

All in all this is a demonstration of the power of their  music and message and charisma to reach over generations.

And when my grandkids discovered The Beatles their magic sparked up inside of me again. Yeah, Yeah. Yeah.

Felicity Carrol goes audio



The audio books were released by Dreamscape Media and wonderfully narrated by Lillian Rachel.

Give a listen and enjoy.

Grant funds production of original play


Many thanks to the Alexa Rose Foundation which named me a grant recipient for 2020. I will use the grant to produce my original play “Tears for Llorona” in cooperation with the Hispanic Heritage Center in Nampa.

Based on one of my short stories, the play is a cautionary tale and retelling of the old Mexican folk tale about the llorona, a creature who weeps for her children.

The play was first produced by the Magic Valley Arts Council in Twin Falls and featured an all-Latino cast.

Criminal Element: Huzzah to an intriguing second entry in Felicity Carrol series


Thanks Criminal Element for the nice review of FELICITY CARROL AND THE MURDEROUS MENACE.

Felicity Carrol returns in sequel out today


Felicity Carrol returns! The feisty, brilliant, and ingenious amateur sleuth sets out on a new adventure. This time to track down an infamous killer that stalked London streets and now has moved across the pond to seek victims in the wilds of a Montana mining town. Presenting FELICITY CARROL AND THE MURDEROUS MENACE. Available today.

“This colorful, action-filled mystery presents a novel twist.”
Kirkus Reviews

“[An] entrancing sequel…Fans of Laurie King and Jacqueline Winspear will be thrilled by this capable, independent female protagonist.”
Publishers Weekly

“Felicity retains her feisty spirit and wit and once again has to battle for acceptance and credibility in a male-dominated society. Readers will look forward to her next adventure.”  
Library Journal

“There is…plenty of action and suspense, the mystery is satisfying, and the identity and psychological justification for the actions of Jack the Ripper are certainly plausible.”
Historical Novels Review;jsessionid=34BA6A4D3716062D1C86C6F44431A3C9.prodny_store01-atgap05?ean=9781643852898#/