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Listen to ‘Tears for Llorona’ radio play


Ever since my parents told me the Llorona story, I’ve been fascinated with the scary tale. My original play, “Tears for Llorona” is a retelling of the traditional Hispanic story of the creature who searches the night for her lost children but I added a modern touch to link old and new. The play was performed Nov. 1 at the Hispanic Cultural Center, thanks to a grant from the Alexa Rose Foundation and support of the center. Thanks to Radio Boise, the radio play version was aired Nov. 2.

Cast members include Abi Mondragon, Maria Theresa Alvarado, Diana Rivera, Antonio Hernandez, Graciela Fonseca, Elizabeth Mondragon, Gabrielle Marcantonio, Jessica Mondragon, Mary Morris and Raymond Fonseca.

“Tears for Llorona” is retelling of old Mexican ghost story


llorona book

La Llorona is a Mexican ghost story passed on through generations about a horrifying weeping woman searching the night for her lost children. TEARS FOR LLORONA is a retelling of that tale.

Pregnant and unhappy, teenage Inez is sent to live with her grandmother. But Inez’s life changes when Abuelita tells of another troubled woman long ago. The story of Juanita who wept a river for her drowned husband and vows her daughter will never have cause to cry in a world of tears. But the promise leads to tragedy, and Juanita pays a terrible price.

The play brings the past and present together in a relevant tale of selfishness, love and redemption.

“Touching, hopeful, and hauntingly real, Patricia Santos Marcantonio captures the bittersweet struggle of a mother’s love in this stunning retelling of a popular Mexican ghost story.”

Bonnie Dodge, author of “Waiting”

Now on sale at Amazon.com $7.99


My new paranormal crime thriller arrives soon


When children begin disappearing in San Antonio, Detective Blue Rodriguez discovers the case echoes an old Mexican ghost story. The detective must confront her own past and come to term with her visions of the dying to find the stolen children.
My new paranormal thriller, THE WEEPING WOMAN, will be available soon from Sunbury Press. It will also be available on AmazonKindle and Nook.
The story was inspired by tales of the Llorona, the weeping woman, that my parents told me when I was a kid. Those stories scared me then, and I hope my book will scare and entertain you.

Now available for preorder at:
href=”http://www.sunburypress.com/9781620061091.html” title=”The Weeping Woman”>

Premiere of my new play; challenging yourself is always a good thing


Tonight is the premiere of my first play, Tears for Llorona. This is so exciting to see my words come to life.

However, the process was a challenge.
About two years ago, Carolyn White with the Magic Valley Arts Council, asked me to consider writing a play with Latino themes and culture to open at the new Twin Falls Center for the Arts. Although I have written screenplays, I had never tackled a play.
I decided to adapt one of my short stories of the same name. In my retelling of the well known Mexican tale of Llorona-the weeping woman, I told the story from the mother’s point of view and what happened in a Mexican village many years ago.
For the play, I also decided to add a modern intro and ending.
I sat down to write. Immediately, I found that writing a play was one of the most difficult things I have ever done.
Unlike screenplays, where you can rely on special effects and in books where you can just end a chapter, everything I needed had to be accomplished on stage.
Moving people around the stage also was daunting. Thanks to my friend Laried Montgomery, a veteran of Broadway, for helping me learn stage left from upstage, and so on. During the rehearsal process, I also have learned a lot from how James Haycock is directing the play.
The challenge was worth it. Actors are giving life to my words, they are telling my story.
So what is the moral to all this? As writers we must face challenges and meet them head on. We must try new things. If I had been too frightened to try, I would never have written my play of which I am proud.
Take a chance in your writing. Meet a challenge.