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Get those ghost stories ready


The Other Bunch Press will call for Idaho ghost stories on June 1 for its new anthology “Hauntings From the Snake River Plain.”

The small press-of which I am a partner-hopes to release the book around Halloween of 2012. See details at www.otherbunch.wordpress.com. There is no entry fee.

You don’t have to be an Idaho writer, but the stories (fiction, nonfiction, poetry and essays) must be set in Idaho.

So sit down and write.

Working at writing


Since I quit my newspaper job in October to work at writing full-time, many people have commented to me, “Oh so you’re retired now.”

That makes me crazy because I have never worked so hard.

When I worked, I came home and wrote in the evenings. I didn’t have much time for marketing or trying to sell what I wrote. (Sometimes I didn’t have time for my husband God bless him for putting up with that.)

Although I knew that writing is hard, the realization that it was now my job is a little terrifying. Previously, it was my hobby. Now it is my job.

This is not a complaint. I love every minute. 

Since I quit, I have learned more about how to market myself as a full-time writer. I have written a new book. I am starting a new screenplay. I wrote and directed a short film and I am planning to shoot another. I have joined a writing community. My partners in Other Bunch Press are starting a new project.

It is tough. It is fun. It is my job.

I am a writer.