Working at writing

Since I quit my newspaper job in October to work at writing full-time, many people have commented to me, “Oh so you’re retired now.”

That makes me crazy because I have never worked so hard.

When I worked, I came home and wrote in the evenings. I didn’t have much time for marketing or trying to sell what I wrote. (Sometimes I didn’t have time for my husband God bless him for putting up with that.)

Although I knew that writing is hard, the realization that it was now my job is a little terrifying. Previously, it was my hobby. Now it is my job.

This is not a complaint. I love every minute. 

Since I quit, I have learned more about how to market myself as a full-time writer. I have written a new book. I am starting a new screenplay. I wrote and directed a short film and I am planning to shoot another. I have joined a writing community. My partners in Other Bunch Press are starting a new project.

It is tough. It is fun. It is my job.

I am a writer.

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