Have fun reimagining these traditional favorites — with a modern, Latino twist!

It all starts when Mama sends Roja to Abuelita’s with a basket of comfort food, including cilantro chicken soup, garden peppers, and stinky cheese.  But when the sassy teen braves the Forest Street shortcut through the barrio, she’s sidetracked by sly, low-ridin’ Lobo, who convinces Roja to stop for empanadas.  You’ll never guess how this one ends, but one lesson remains the same:  never trust a wolf in Abuelita’s clothing!

The one-act continues with three other tales, each with its own moral wrapped in a ton of modern fun.  The egotistical king of the popular crowd at school get his comeuppance in “El Emperador’s New Clothes.”  In “La Sleeping Bonita,” we learn that the moody bruja is really just a misunderstood witch, and it’s the bratty Bonita who’s the real curse!  And in “Los Tres Poco Pigs,” well…  remember that wolf who can’t be trusted?  The Chiccarón brothers learn that the same is true of a wheelin’ and dealin’ real estate wolf in a three-piece suit! 

This fresh, flexible-cast collection of tales injects Spanish language and Latino culture, perfect for diverse populations and Spanish and English language learners.