Jessica Garcia/Bella Inspirations

Jessica Garcia/Bella Inspirations

Patricia Santos Marcantonio comes from a family of storytellers.
They tell stories about their own past and traditions, tales about people they have met and things they have done, and all in a way that makes you want to keep listening and beg for more. That’s where she got her desire to write and tell stories of her own.
She earned a Bachelor of Science degree with distinction in mass communications from the University of Southern Colorado (now Colorado State University-Pueblo). She is an award-winning journalist and served as a Newspaper Association of America New Media Fellow.
Her children’s book, “Red Ridin’ in the Hood and Other Cuentos,” (Farrar, Straus and Giroux) won an Anne Izard Storyteller’s Choice Award; and earned several recommendations including: Commended Title – Americas Award for Children’s and Young Adult Literature; Starred review–American Library Association; Best Collections to Share – Wilde Awards; and recommendations from Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books, Kirkus Reviews and Publishers Weekly. The book was also ranked among Latino children’s books best sellers.
She also co-authored “Voices From the Snake River Plain” and contributed to and edited “Hauntings From the Snake River Plain,” and co-wrote with Bonnie Dodge, “Billie Neville Takes a Leap.”

Her screenplays have won, placed or hit the top percentage in several contests, including MORE Women in Film, Screenwriting Expo 5, Women in Film Las Vegas, the Phoenix Film Festival contest, Reel Women of the West, and Cinestory and took first in the Willamette Writers Kay Snow  and Idaho Writers Guild Rendezvous Screenplay contests.

Member of Dramatists Guild of America and Idaho Writers Guild.

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  1. Patricia Marcantonio! Look at you! I am so proud of you, I found you on, and I was delighted to see your books and all that you’ve done. Believe it or not, my husband and son and I live in Colorado Springs now, he works in Pueblo. We are probably moving to Pueblo West later this year. Small world, huh? Anyway, I am getting ready to test for the Nat. Strength and Conditioning Assoc. Personal Trainer certification in August. I have a lot of free time now, and should be writing something, I have ideas…
    Anyway, take care, and best of luck with your projects.
    Kellee (Gaston) Rassau

  2. Patricia Marcantonio, I am working on a project on you and needed your birthdate so please, when you get a chance, reply I would really appreciate your help.

  3. Hey Patricia, it’s Mike Gavin from California. I met you back when the Screenwriter’s expo was alive and well. You’ve been trying to Connect on Linked in, but thats my day job stuff… When you can send me an email (posting address below) and we can catch up! From the looks of your blog you’ve been a busy writer! I want to read your stuff!

    • Mike,
      I was going through my emails and saw one from you. Hope you are good in these crazy days. Still writing. Take care and keep in touch!

  4. Hi Patricia,

    My name is Louis Sallerson and I am the co-president of It Is No Dream Entertainment, a production company represented by Madhouse Entertainment (CONTRABAND, PRISONERS, SAFE HOUSE).

    But, enough about us. Congrats to you on getting SINS OF THE FATHERS into the Quarter Finals of the New Blood script contest!

    We love working with up-and-coming writers and want to develop original ideas with them and have them write on some of our in-house ideas. Our success with Slender Man will hopefully allow us greater access to financing and we’d like to have a well-developed slate to produce in the immediate wake of its theatrical release.

    Would you be able to send us SINS OF THE FATHERS? We’d love to read it and see if there are any good possibilities for collaboration.

    All the best,


    • Dear Louis Sallerson,
      It’s been awhile since you requested one of my scripts (Sins of the Father.) You passed on that, but I’ve been busy with novels, many of which have been published, and screenplays.
      Following are loglines for ones I hope you might be interested in.
      Thanks for any consideration.
      Patricia Marcantonio

      While investigating a series of bizarre murders in a small desert town, a county prosecutor suspects a controversial resort development is at the heart of a conspiracy that’s opened the door for an ancient evil seeking revenge for old and new betrayals.
      (A horror mystery. A novel version will be published next summer by AM Ink Publishing, which published Tom Savini’s biography.)

      Two sisters who love ghost stories launch their own investigation when they discover a terrifying specter of a student haunting their new school. With knowledge of all things supernatural, as well as grit and determination, the sisters must solve the mystery of the girl in Hallway B.

      To escape a violent future and start a new life, a super soldier time travels back to the Old West
      only to find his enemies have followed to conquer and for revenge.
      (The Terminator meets High Noon)

      A volatile San Antonio detective who sees visions of the dying finds a link between missing children and an old Mexican ghost story. Pursuing a very real suspect, she must confront her own horrible past to rescue the stolen children.

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