Free ‘Sueño Street’ ebook to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Horror and suspense with Latino flavor.

A free Kindle of the graphic novel, “Sueño Street” is yours Sunday through Thursday to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. Enjoy and be very afraid. Parental discretion advised.

On the walls of Sueño Street, a young Latino artist paints murals that come to life with tales of horror, suspense and nightmare. A graphic novel in homage to “Tales From The Crypt” and “Night Gallery” but with Latino flavor, culture and characters. The stories include fresh telling of traditional Latino scares like La Llorona, the weeping woman, a doomed specter seeking her lost children in the night, and the Cucuy, the boogeyman who preys on children and fear. Other stories range in time and space. The real price of dead man’s shoes. New and ancient betrayals in a canyon of ancient petroglyphs. Space explorers discovering evil on an alien planet and in themselves. A wife beater who gets what he deserves. A woman willing to challenge a horrible evil for love.
Differing in artistic style, the stories are weaved together by the consequences of actions, some deserved, others not.

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