‘Starring Jane Eyre’ radio play for your listening enjoyment

Radio Boise aired a special presentation of my play ‘Starring Jane Eyre” on Sept. 18.

The radio play was adapted from my stage play, which was presented in May at the Stagecoach Theater in Boise. Jane Eyre tells her story, how Charlotte Brontë wrote the classic novel, and why Hollywood made thirty versions of her story. With characters from the book and in Brontë’s own words, Jane weaves a narrative that is poignant, funny, heartbreaking. Even those not acquainted with the book will come to know her story, her strength, why readers love her and why movies have been made about her for decades.

Many thanks to the wonderful cast:

Jen Potcher (Jane Eyre); Greg Finley (Rochester); Shana Tavares (Charlotte Bronte and Blanche); Patti Finley (Mrs. Fairfax); Lance Thompson (Mr. Brocklehurst and Mr. Mason); Cynthia Atanga (Adele and Helen); Emilia Turner (Young Jane); Amanda Turner (Mrs. Reed and St. John Rivers);  and Kelliee Desilet (Madwoman).

Thanks also to assistant director Mary Morris and Wayne Birt and the great people of Radio Boise.

Sound and music courtesy of Canva, Creative Commons Licensing, Freesound and Glaneur de sons.

Listen and enjoy!

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