‘Murderous Menace’ ebook on sale through November


FELICITY CARROL AND THE MURDEROUS MENACE: A Felicity Carrol Mystery eBook is on sale for $2.99 through the month of November.

Felicity Carrol has found her calling—solving unsolvable murders using the latest forensic methods. The brilliant and eccentric heiress learns the infamous Jack the Ripper might be terrorizing an American mining town and she decides to investigate. In Placer, Montana, her first obstacle is a handsome lawman who uses his intuition as much as his Colt to keep law and order in this wild town. When the murderer strikes again, she begins to suspect the worst. Felicity sets out to find the killer in a town full of secrets, shadows, and suspects, but as the body count rises, this intrepid sleuth faces her most dangerous adversary yet–and discovers that not all killers are as they seem.

“This colorful, action-filled mystery presents a novel twist.”
Kirkus Reviews

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