I’m not retired, darn it. I’m writing

A few years ago, I quit my day job to focus on writing. It has been a productive period resulting in the publication of a book and near completion on two more. But when people hear I no longer have the proverbial day job, they ask me how I like being retired.

Maybe I’m sensitive but it makes me crazy.

No, I am not retired. In fact, I am working harder than I ever did at my day job on novels and screenplays. Of course, I am enjoying it more, but I am working.
My writing friend and I were talking about how non-writers don’t necessarily believe that we writers can be toiling away at a computer telling stories. Is that really work, they probably think. And if we aren’t receiving a regular paycheck or filling out a time card, that we must be just playing around.

They don’t understand the sacrifices, frustration and how much labor it takes to come up with stories, the right sentences and descriptions. How much pounding our hands and fingers take to get it all right.
Yes, I love it. And I will keep at it until I do decide enough is enough and I have told all the stories I want to tell. Until, then I am working, darn it.


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  1. Ah, so well said. I too get that question about retirement. I also, alas, hear other writers say, “I’m retired. I just write for a hobby.” I think that covers their fear of not finishing or not “succeeding,” with their writing.
    I’m not retired. I’m a writer and I still have a lot left to say. Thanks for saying it so well! And good luck to you.

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