Need research books? Head to your local thrift store

I’m starting a new book and I’m in the middle of research. The floor in my office is already covered with library books, but they will have to be returned sooner or later (Or I pay a fine).

However, I discovered the coolest places to find books for research —  local thrift stores. They have shelves of books!  All kinds of books! I’m talking cheap books!

I write a lot of stories about the Southwest and what did I find, but one of those old Time-Life books about the Southwest.  It cost $1.

If you look, you might find whatever you need for your stories, on topics from science to literature, history to medicine. Old year books and encyclopedias. And all for $1 or less.

I recently attended a conference where author Randall Platt had other great suggestions. Randall writes westerns and other historical books. She says she finds great old items, such as magazines from yesteryear.

So if you are blocked or need a break away from your computer, head to the thrift store and start looking for books to help you.  Who knows? You might also return home with an idea for a new story.



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