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New play receives Alexa Rose Grant to workshop

The Alexa Rose Foundation has named me a 2022 grant recipient to workshop my new play “Starring Jane Eyre.”

Jane Eyre takes to the stage to tell her story, the story of how Charlotte Brontë wrote the novel, and why Jane believes the book has inspired more than thirty films starring hers truly. Among the reasons: moviemakers are partial to tales of orphans, strong females, mysterious settings and mostly, because it’s a romance. Yet, Jane says her tale doesn’t always fit those molds.

Using characters from the book, and Brontë’s own words, Jane weaves a narrative that’s poignant, funny, and heartbreaking. Even those not acquainted with the book will come to know Jane’s story, her strength, why readers love her, and why so many movies have been made about her over the decades.

A workshop production is a form of theatrical performance where the play is presented in a simpler way sometimes without costumes and sets.

Thank you to the Alexa Rose Foundation for this great honor.

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