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‘Under the Blood Moon’ launches today

Today’s the release of my new horror mystery “Under the Blood Moon” by Dark Ink. The book is available in paperback, as an e-book and audiobook with great narration by Steve Connor. I’m giving away five autographed copies. Go to the Contact me page and shoot me an email with your name and email address or send to  I’ll choose five random readers. Guadalupe, New Mexico is usually a pretty quiet town. That is until everything starts going to hell with a series of bizarre murders. Not to mention, a demon gives birth at a park. A boy disappears in the middle of a swimming pool. Rattlesnakes invade the town. Prosecutor Matthew Riley suspects a high-end resort development is at the heart of the crimes. But he also discovers a conspiracy of the living has opened the door for an ancient evil seeking revenge for old and new betrayals that threaten his own family. Thank you Dark Ink!
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