Giving ‘The Weeping Woman’ a new look

I’m probably considered a hybrid author. That is someone who has books published with traditional houses as well as self-publishes.

I’m so fortunate to have had my books released by Farrar, Straus and Giroux; Arte Público Press; and Crooked Lane Books. Dark Ink Books will publish my horror mystery UNDER THE BLOOD MOON in August and Regal Publishing will release my YA novel, BEST AMIGAS in November 2023.

I have also self-published books through River St Press, which is owned by me and my writing partner and good friend Bonnie Dodge. We published mostly anthologies related to the Snake River Plain, as well as a children’s book.

In addition, I’ve self-published books on my own, including a graphic novel SUEÑO STREET; THE GHOST SISTERS AND THE GIRL IN HALLWAY B, a middle-grade story about two sisters who love to track down ghosts; and my play, TEARS FOR LLORONA.

Two of my novel, THE WEEPING WOMAN and THE GHOST SISTERS AND THE GIRL IN HALLWAY B were first published by a small press but I bought back my rights and self-published them. I’m not the only author who’s done this by the way.

THE WEEPING WOMAN is about a San Antonio police detective who has visions of the dying. She finds that a series of child kidnappings echo an old Mexican ghost story. I like this book, which combines crime, the paranormal and Mexican folktales and includes strong female characters.

I decided the cover needed a refresh and hired a graphic designer. But I also thought that while I was at it, to take another look at the interior. Although the book was edited by a previous publisher, I had the opportunity, a second chance if you will, to fill in the holes I noticed were open and make corrections I believe were needed.

I also reformatted the book for a cleaner look, which is a challenge in itself. But it’s always good to learn something new.

While there are some drawbacks to self-publishing–namely doing everything yourself–I really liked the idea of getting a chance to take another look at the book and improve it. I believe I did that. You don’t get that with traditional houses, although they offer lots of other good things.

I like the result.  We don’t all get a second chance in life but my book, THE WEEPING WOMAN, did and I’ll have to be happy with that.

I hope readers enjoy it also.

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