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‘Perilous Pursuit’ is June Kindle deal

Amazon has chosen “Felicity Carrol and the Perilous Pursuit” as a Kindle Monthly Deal priced at $1.99 until June 30. Enjoy the excerpt.

With the magnifying glass, she studied each of the bolts. Even set on a bed of red velvet, they were violent-looking things, some with barbs at the end. They showed rust and age, all except for the last bolt in the line. One end formed a square, and the tip came to a sharp point. The square appeared to match the dimensions of the hole in the hall upstairs. Dried blood streaked the body of the bolt and the velvet where it lay. Looking around to make sure no one watched, she picked up the bolt in her gloved hands for a closer examination in the sunlight coming from a large window overhead. Turning it around, there were red streaks on it, as if the killer had attempted to wipe off the blood. Although the stains were mere traces, the bolt felt hefty in her hand. It had been used to kill. Her mind hummed with questions, but she did have one answer.

She, Felicity Margaret Carrol, had found the murder weapon.

“[Felicity] is a combination of Sherlock Holmes and Indiana Jones…Recommended to those looking for a female superhero out to right wrongs and defy convention to do so.”
Historical Novels Review

“A must read. It has it all, an intelligent heroine, a compelling plot and plenty of Victorian atmosphere to keep you entertained to the very last page.”
—Emily Brightwell, New York Times bestselling author of the Mrs. Jefferies mysterie

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